[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this day and age, solar systems do not typically need constant adjustments or maintenance as, if set up correctly, they will last for a long time. However, with this being said, it is imperative to have a good monitoring system installed with your solar system! There are countless reasons why we say this so continue reading and let’s explore what these benefits are!

What is solar monitoring?

Solar monitoring systems are designed to detect and notify you of any problems that occur within your solar system, as well as to manage or program the system, ultimately ensuring that the system performs the way it was designed.  Given the cost of solar systems, the ability to know about a problem before something catastrophic happens is of the utmost importance. Ensuring that the system is running smoothly and that the data about the system is being captured and measured also means that you can make sure you get the required return on your investment.

How does solar monitoring work?

Modern solar systems can be monitored by means of advanced software that gets connected to the inverter. These systems track exactly how much energy is being produced, and monitor the state of charge, voltage, and other elements that determine the overall performance of the system. The leading appeal of these solar monitoring systems is the fact that you can track the performance of your system over time conveniently through your smart phone on a mobile app. Your solar system’s performance information is available at your fingertips anytime, anywhere!

The benefits of solar monitoring for your home

Solar monitoring is much more than just a nifty tool to use. It is a service that will save you money on your utility bill as well as protect your home against any sort of solar energy downtime. It is important to note that power will still be available to your home if the utility power is down. In the event of planned power outages such as load shedding or routine maintenance, you can also command your system to quickly charge from the utility power before it goes down, making sure that you have enough energy stored in your batteries to keep the lights on during the outage.

Monitoring your solar system helps to optimize your home energy costs!

Solar systems allow homeowners to save a lot of money on their utility bills while also providing backup power during outages. In some cases, solar systems are completely free from any utility connection, making them entirely off-grid. By monitoring your solar system, it helps you to better understand its functioning and it allows you to optimize the amount of “free” energy at your disposal each day. The ability to further adjust your grid consumption during peak or off-peak times can further improve the operation of your system.

One of the most important aspects of a solar monitoring system is that it allows you to manage your system, thereby protecting the huge investment you made in the technology. If something was to go wrong with the system, an alert system will direct you to the issue right away. Not only does It detect and identify problems, but a solar monitoring system will also pinpoint repair solutions for the systems equipment. Solar monitoring systems are also able to keep track of historical performance data. This data is extremely valuable to homeowners, as it allows them to track how the system performs today versus 2 years ago, which in turn lets them budget up-front for new hardware if required, etc.

Based on the above points mentioned we can clearly see that solar systems go hand in hand with solar monitoring apps. The many benefits of having a solar monitoring system should not be overlooked![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]