About Us

Meet Centurion Solar

When our company came into existence in 2015, the need for an all-encompassing monitoring solution was found lacking within the solar energy realm. We soon realized that even “Intelligent Customized Coding” (ICC for short), was not able to do what we needed it to do, and as such we embarked on rewriting our entire solution from scratch, the result of which gave us Solar Management Hub (SMH), a new era in solar monitoring.
Since then, we have become one of the key contributors who continue to shape tomorrow’s monitoring and renewable energy standards worldwide.



Why Us

Our Way Of Solving Problems

As a premium solutions provider, Centurion Solar aims to design, implement and manage real-time monitoring systems for the solar industry.

Our solutions have made us subject matter specialists at what we do, and our professional approach to common problems, combined with our ability to quickly adapt to ever changing market conditions set us apart from our competitors.

Driven by passion and hard work, we help our clients build stronger, more agile and innovative businesses. Our monitoring solution serves as an example of how we bring value to our customers, transforming generic energy technology into customized business solutions, without complexity or huge cost.

Our hands-on approach, together with our “can-do” attitude is what really sets us apart in the industry

We aspire to be the partner of choice for our customers, suppliers and employees by accelerating their success through our global monitoring and management technology.

With over 24000 satisfied customers across the globe, we look forward to adding you to the Solar Management Hub family today!