Home Automation

Data from your solar system can be pushed to any home automation server that supports MQTT like Home Assistant, OpenHAB, etc.


Beautiful dashboards showing exactly how power is generated, stored and used in the system, together with historical layouts, quick cell phone views and technical displays.

Configurable alerting

Users can choose which errors or warnings to be alerted on, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, uptime and peace of mind.

Top Features

Android and iOS Moblie App

  • Customized app that updates all the inverter data every second over the internet.

  • The ability to log in and change the working mode of the inverter, eg SBU, UTI, SOL, etc

  • Built-in analytics with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics for load, solar, battery and utility

  • Beautiful dashboard showing the flow of energy at any point in time

  • Multiple systems can be monitored from the same mobile device (perfect for installers)

Home Automation

  • Data can be sent to any control system that supports MQTT

  • Wi-Fi devices like Sonoffs can be turned on and off through the control system

  • Efficiently manage how the energy in your system is used, distributed or conserved in different scenarios like load-shedding, etc


  • Everything happening in SMH is encrypted multiple times

  • Separate logon accounts for users or installers

  • Users cannot override the logging

  • Detailed logs help installers determine the root cause of errors


  • Every Pi can work stand-alone or form part of an enterprise deployment

  • Geographical location with drill-down capability down to single inverter data

  • Charting and reporting per device, area, group, etc.

  • Configurable enterprise alerting engine with acknowledgement, ticket handling and fault resolution capturing

  • White labeling, making the enterprise portal look like your own company

  • New USB drivers for optimal code and small footprint

  • Detailed analytics are pushed to the client’s desktop / cell phone to reduce CPU Load on the Pi


  • Users or installers must authenticate before doing anything

  • Any action by the user or installer is logged and encrypted

  • Logs for any date can easily be recalled showing exactly what happened when

  • Any system event like grid loss, overload, battery low, etc is logged


  • New cloud dashboard for system analytics

  • New cell phone dashboard for a quick overview of real-time performance

  • New SMH cloud dashboard tor technical monitoring

  • New interactive responsive web-app with cost recovery analysis engine, animations, etc

  • Local data caching if internet connectivity fails with automatic retrospective uploading once the connection is restored

  • Native iOS And Android Apps Coming Soon!


  • Real-time alerting via telegram and/or email

  • User-defined alerting preferences (telegram, email or both)

  • Configurable alerts for inverters in parallel (Error 80, etc.)

  • Alerting for either warnings, faults or both

  • Alerting for inverter communication lost / recovered

  • Alerting for battery communication lost / recovered

  • Alerts can be read / acknowledged through the web app

Main Dashboard

  • Native remote control clients for Windows, Linux and MacOS

  • Proper new energy calculations based on countless hours of inverter measurements with the latest technology

  • Popup tool-tips when hovering the mouse over any data / metric, explaining what the data represents

  • Battery “time-to-configurable-percentage” determined if a BMS or BMV is used

  • Battery “time to 100%” calculated if a BMS or BMV is used

  • Fresh new gauges look / feel

  • Battery kWh discharged

  • Battery kWh charged

  • Battery maximum Watts charged

  • Battery maximum Watts discharged

  • Solar / Battery kWh used

Inverter Info

  • Alerting via telegram / email for any faults or warnings

  • Serial number per inverter

  • Firmware per inverter

  • Fault code per inverter

  • PV volts / amps per inverter

  • Inverter load (real-time) per inverter

  • PV kwh generated per inverter

  • Inverter kwh load supplied per inverter

  • Grid watts (real-time) per inverter

  • Grid kwh used / produced per inverter

  • Solar / battery watts (real-time) used per inverter

  • Solar / battery kwh used per inverter

  • Inverter load percentage per inverter

Battery Info

  • Alerting via Telegram or email for low/high voltage, comms lost, etc

  • Completely rewritten / redesigned USB communication system

  • Automatic recovery of disconnected batteries / hardware

  • Battery fault monitoring per battery (if supported by BMS / protocol)

  • Voltage per battery

  • Amperage in / out per battery

  • Wattage in / out per battery

  • Temperature per battery (if supported by BMS / protocol)

  • State of charge (SOC) per battery

  • Status (charge or discharge) per battery

  • AH Rating per battery

  • Cycles per battery

  • Serial number per battery (if supported by BMS / protocol)


  • Users or installers need to authenticate before any changes can be made

  • Full inverter settings for up to 9 inverters are supported

  • Charge rate and charging priority for up to 9 inverters can be set per inverter

  • PV size, minimum and maximum battery watts can be configured

  • System capital cost can be entered to determine ROI

  • System utility cost per kWh to ensure accurate calculations

  • Different battery BMS’s supported

  • Mathematical calculation (beta) of soc (if no BMS is present)

  • User preferred “time to x percentage”

  • Battery inefficiency can be set per battery type

  • Full calculations done per Peukert’s energy storage law

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