[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is no secret that South Africa has a shortage of power supplies. The nation has been experiencing load shedding and let us not forget to mention the hefty spike in electricity bills. As a result, more and more people are seeking out renewable energy solutions for their homes or businesses. Solar panel systems is the most favourable solution to most business and home owners in South Africa, and to ensure extra efficacy of the system, people are also installing solar monitoring systems.

How will this switch help you?

If you have been considering making the switch to living off the grid by installing a solar panel system connected with a high-quality monitoring system, there is no better time to get started than right now! Here are some benefits of having such a system installed at your home or business.

  • Saving money – Eskom is increasing the cost of electricity almost every second month. Therefore, the more power you use and generate from solar panel systems, the more you will save on electricity costs from Eskom. In addition, by installing our solar panel monitoring system, you will be able to save even more money. Our dashboards show you how much power has been stored and generated by your solar panel system. You can therefore determine if you have enough power generated before load shedding hits. In addition, our solar monitoring systems allows you to detect any possible problems your system may be faced with. Early detection of issues could prevent you from spending thousands on repairs.
  • Eco-friendly – In recent years, we have been made more aware of the direct negative impact human activities impose on the environment. As a result, more people are actively seeking out ways to reduce their carbon footprint and follow more sustainable methods of living and operating. Renewable energy solutions provide a first step towards living more sustainably as it reduces the strenuous demand on the planet’s already limited natural resources. Solar innovations are on the rise and with an accompanying solar panel monitoring system, the energy generated is used more efficiently.
  • Sustainability – By Installing our monitoring system, you will be able to make your solar panel system last much longer. Our premium monitoring system will notify you of any errors your solar panel set up may be experiencing. As a result, you will be able to do proper maintenance to your solar panel systems and get these things fixed before they cause your solar panel system to break down completely. Simply put, our monitoring system allows for effective maintenance plans to be put in place, ensuring longevity of your solar panel system all while saving you time, energy, and of course, a lot of money!
  • Travel – We can all agree that a getaway is needed every once in a while, but what happens to your solar panel system while you are away? Fear not, with our solar panel monitoring system, you will have nothing to worry about. Our monitoring systems provides you with real-time data and updates on your solar panel and inverter performance. You will be receiving updates 24/7 sent directly to your phone with our SMH Mobile app. Our phone app is 100% real-time offers quick cell phone views and technical displays on demand, with an update time of less than 1 second. The system can even alert in less than 2 seconds if something goes wrong, allowing you to pro-actively manage and fix anything that is not working as it should.