[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In our current climate, a strikingly large majority of South Africa’s economy is powered by coal as the main source of electricity. Our country’s current system of generating electricity involves roughly 71% of its production coming from coal, while only 7.2% is generated through wind and solar energy, and so on.

Given the amount of research that has become easily accessible regarding renewable power production, it is safe to say that our current methods are not sustainable and only work to hurt our environment and our society in the long run. Thankfully, however, the South African government has made it a current priority to shift our energy production into a new era, one where a renewable resource has a much greater focus placed on them. By 2030, energy production is said to navigate away from our current methods, allowing renewable resources such as wind and solar to be more widely used for electricity, with 33.8% of our country’s power being generated through natural means while only 43% is produced through coal.

While this is still not ideal, it is most definitely a step in the right direction, a direction where electricity prices can be made far more easily accessible to the masses while also becoming significantly easier to afford in the long run too.

As these are promises that are being made by our government, we, unfortunately, cannot always hope for these promises to come to fruition. Therefore, we as individuals need to take these measures into our own hands and start making changes on a per person basis. Understandably, creating electricity from scratch is practically impossible for those who are untrained, which is exactly where companies such as ours, Centurion Solar, can help.

As our name implies, we focus on providing our clients with the means to run their houses from solar energy. This is a renewable energy that shows no sign of diminishing anytime soon, not for another 5 billion years at least. This makes solar energy one of the most reliable sources of power, especially in our current day where non-renewable forms of energy production are becoming more and more expensive because of our Earth’s natural supply slowly diminishing over time.

What seems to be the most common deterrent that prevents people from siding with solar energy would have to be the sometimes-high asking prices found on service and installation fees. This will allow clients to start saving money on their usual electricity fees in the long run as all you need to do to get power is ensure that your solar panel is installed in a place that catches the most sun throughout the day.

Once installed, however, your home’s source of power essentially becomes dislocated from the government’s power grid, allowing you to skip the usual load-shedding times and live without fear of being caught in the dark whatsoever.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]