Increase Energy Efficiency
By seeing exactly where energy is going, Centurion Solar helps homeowners find energy hogs and save money each month.

Improve Customer Support
Reduce support calls by showing your customers how much energy is being generated from solar and how their usage affects their bill.

Maximize Storage ROI
Intelligently manage and control solar inverters and batteries – enhancing the ROI for residential storage systems while cutting the payback period.

Increase Revenue
By analyzing energy habits, Centurion Solar can help you sell additional services to existing customers, like storage or other energy management products.

Better Customer Satisfaction
By empowering your customers with real-time knowledge and energy insights, they’ll be more engaged. And that means they’ll refer more customers your way.

Stay Competitive
Our products and services will future proof your company so you can compete in tomorrow’s energy revolution, today.

Real-time monitoring of all the different power sources in use in a solar system (solar panels, batteries, grid power, etc)
Calculating the total cost savings brought about by the solar system.
Can gather over 50 different values from every connected inverter.
All data is captured, stored and can be exported for a specific time period.
Hourly trend analysis of the load, the solar panels, the batteries as well as the utility consumption and/or production.
Support for both Blue Nova and Pylontech batteries with true SOC and voltage monitoring.
Specific monitoring of the batteries in use.
Multiple dashboards available anywhere in the world presenting everything happening in the system in real-time.
Can monitor up to 9 inverters in parallel.
Support for a host of different Voltronic inverters, including the new InfiniSolar 4 Super inverter.
Can monitor grid tie as well as hybrid inverters.