Grid Feed-in / Consumption (kWh/d)

The dial above shows the current amount of energy being drawn from the utility grid.
If you have a grid tied system, the figure could also be negative (with the dial in the green), as it will simply mean that you are putting more energy into the grid than you are using, and the graph will show values in negative while you are exporting energy to the grid.
This graph posts data once every 24 hours, and then resets for the next day.

Solar Power Production (kWh/d)

The dial above shows the power being generated by the connected solar panels in real time.
The daily results are stored in the graph on the right. If for instance you have 18 x 320W panels on your roof you will have a system capable of producing a maximum of 5760W.
Let's say your system produced 40kWh for the day, then your efficiency factor will be 40kWh/5,760kW = 6.9, which is very good. Use the figures on the right to do your own calculation and determine how efficient your system is.

Power to /from Batteries (kWh/d)

The dial above the power being drawn from the batteries as well as the power being put back into them.
If the dial is showing a negative value, it means we are pulling energy out of the batteries. Likewise, if it's positive, it means we are charging the batteries.
The graph on the right will count upwards as you put energy into the batteries, and downwards as you pull energy out of them again. These figures will reset every 24 hours.

Batteries State of Charge (%) vs Voltage (Volts)

This graph tracks the state of charge of the batteries, and compares it to the voltage of the stack at the same time. Use this to track how well your batteries are performing on a daily basis.

Combined view of all power sources

(Rounded Figures)
Real-time (Watts)
(Rounded Figures)
(Rounded Figures)
(Rounded Figures)
This graph displays an overview of all the different power sources that the system can make use of.
The green line represents all the power coming directly from the solar panels.
The purple line shows all the energy from the batteries.
All the power to or from the grid is indicated by the red line.
The power represented by the light blue line shows the load on the solar system while it was running on renewable energy sources like batteries or solar panels.
Real-time (Watts)
Real-time (Watts)
Real-time (%)
Real-time (Volts)