Newly Released

Our newly released dashboard provides a graphical representation of how power is used through your solar system, and is a nice way to visually determine where most of your needs are coming from, be it grid, batteries or directly from the panels.

Dashboard 1

A second real-time dashboard is provided in the ICC client for those wanting to focus on the production figures of their solar system.

This graph can also be zoomed into for precise monitoring over a specific period of time.

Dashboard 2

All statistics from the connected inverters are displayed in real-time in an easy to understand dashboard, showing the amount of energy produced, consumed, as well as the maximum values for the day.

The graph can be zoomed into for precise monitoring over a specific period of time.

Photovoltaic Trends

All the different elements of the connected solar system are monitored and analysed in the form of trends.

The PV panels, the batteries, the load on the system as well as the utility power consumption or production are all made available to easily see how a system performs.

Return on Investment

As part of the initial setup, the user can specify how much they paid for their system, as well as how much they pay per kWh of energy.

These figures are used in conjunction with the energy generated to determine what the return on investment is for the client.

Real savings in real-time.

Hourly Totals

The maximum values for every hour of the day are shown as well, allowing the user to see exactly how high the energy demand was, how close the solar system came to delivering that, and how much was needed form the utility company.

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